Squash Nutrition is a collective of food-loving creative professionals who want to share the good food message far and wide. Squash make creative social health projects that celebrate food in all its wild and rich diversity. We love good food and know it is a brilliant social tool that really engages people.

We are a Liverpool-based social enterprise, working within communities to share skills and promote food health and well-being. We believe that everyone should have equality of access to the enjoyment of good food in all of its aspects and culture. Our work embraces community participation and ownership. We work with people who may have been socially or culturally marginalised from good food access and aim to work together to make great food projects.

As artists, chefs and gardeners, the Squash team are passionate about developing new and vigorous arts and health practices. We aim to encourage enquiry, debate and exchange around the cultural, social and environmental impacts of the foods we eat. We value and promote sustainable practices of food production.

We are committed to getting everyone excited about the fabulous food seasons - from a crisp Cox apple in the Autumn...the lip-red rosehips of Winter....the abundant Spring Asparagus spears....to the sweetheart strawberries of Summer....and all the amazing tastes, colours, smells and textures these marvellous foods give us.

Sowing it, growing it, cooking it, sharing it, eating it.

Let us take you on a really good food adventure..............